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Make friends with food & make peace with your body -
on your own terms. Finally.

You’ve tried the doctors, who didn’t understand.
You’ve tried the supplements, that didn’t help.
You’ve tried the ‘diets,’ that didn’t work. (Shocker.)
You’ve tried Google, and let’s just say that didn’t provide reliable advice.
You’ve tried evvvvverything. And you’re still struggling.
Hard truth: Life isn’t meant to feel like this.

Like giving less than 100% on a client project because you’re weary all the way to your bones. Or spending the whole day doubled over in pain and trying so hard not to complain about it. Or depriving yourself of food you know you need because you wholeheartedly believe you’re not worthy of it. It’s not meant to be canceling plans because all you want to do is stay home and sleep, running to the toilet in the department store because you just can’t wait, or eating a tiny salad while your family devours plates of pasta.

Life? Your life? Is meant to feel JOYFUL. Happy. And a whole lot more fun. It’s meant to be mornings of spring-outta-bed energy, without downing three coffees first. It’s meant to be laughter-filled (and pain-free) day trips out with your family, without worrying about how long it’s been since you last ‘went’. It’s meant to be looking at your reflection with love, not loathing.

All of this is 100% possible.

. . . . . . . .

"Amber is a wonderful and unusual balance - the whole package. She gets it."

. . . . . . . .

"Amber has taught me to trust in myself and freed me from my fear of food"

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Let's Start

You don’t have to struggle any more.
I’m Amber Gourley, the Disobedient Dietitian who believes in uncovering the root cause of your health woes and healing them, not just putting a band-aid on them and hoping for the best. (Which, of course, never comes.)

You are worth so much more than a band-aid.
It’s time to make food your friend, not your fear.

Suffering from digestive or autoimmune issues and desperate to get your life back?

"Well-behaved women dietitians rarely make history."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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