Is What You’re Putting Last Hurting You the Most?



You’re not defined by your health 

Your health is just a piece of who you are  


You’re not defined by your family, your job or where you live.

They’re just a piece of you. 

You’re beautiful and unique. 

Placed on this earth to do what only you can do. 

>> Write that book 

>> Start a movement that changes people’s lives and hearts 

>> Create a life where you + your family are taken care of financially so you can take that 4-week adventure vacation each year, showing your kids the world.

But right now you’re not doing what you came here to do. 

And it’s not your fault.

Because the world is way too busy. 

It tells you everyone else comes first.

That we can sleep when we’re dead. 

That hustle is king and self-care comes last.

What if the world has it wrong?

What if going faster and doing more is actually counter-intuitive? 

That by slowing down we actually speed up. 

That we do more in less time. 

That our efforts are so much more effective & efficient because we actually have the energy to get s*&t done.

That our results are easy because we’re finally thinking clearly.  

Research proves that the hustle, go-go-go, fast-paced way of life is making us sick. 

Poor sleep is related to hormone dysregulation. 

Chronic stress literally turns on the gene that causes inflammation which leads to pain and autoimmune disorders. 

Skipping lunch creates more physiological stress.

Add on a diet filled with high in processed foods or foods that you’re sensitive to and you’re one giant walking stress ball, your body constantly on edge.   

The more you do, the greater the stress you put on yourself, the more your body secretes chemical messages increasing inflammation and pain. 

Picture this.

You wake up a 5 am every day jumping out of bed and you’re off to the races. You’re making breakfast, dropping the kids off at school and running from meeting to meeting all freaking day.

You can’t seem to make your boss happy regardless of what you do, and your co-workers? Well, it’d be nice if they’d actually doing their job right for once. By the time 3 PM hits, you’re exhausted and throwing back another cup of coffee because the day’s not done yet. 

You still have to pick up little Sarah and Bobby and make sure they get to their respective ball games, then dinner oh crap you forgot all about dinner! Guess it’s drive through again. 

By the time you crawl into bed, your joints ache again. You think I’m too young for arthritis what the heck is going on?? And as tired as you are your mind just won’t stop racing.

Welcome to another poor night’s sleep. 

It’s not bad, you might think.

Some days you can’t help it.

But imagine that scenario day after day, that constant stress. The constant aching joints. The stress rollercoaster creating that tired and wired feeling at night. 

It’s not sustainable. 

It’s your birthright to slow down.

Because slowing will speed up your results. 

What if by slowing down and reconnecting with who we are makes us and those around us better?

What if we slowed down, stressed less and healed our bodies? 

Because here’s the hard truth – 

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Slowing down is a necessity not a “nice to have” 

The question isn’t why should I? The question is how?

>> How do I slow down?

>> How do I let things go?

>> How do I release the pressure?

>> How do I let go of others expectations? 

You start small – 

You start with taking deep belly breaths when you feel overwhelmed 


You start with delegating tasks to others, I mean are you the only one who can pack lunches?


You start by realizing that you don’t have to do all the things on your plate.

When cleaning the house induces a stress response, hiring a house cleaner suddenly seems like a bargain (it is totally trust me on this one 😉

You support your body and soul with food and herbs

You start taking back your power

Who would you become? 

Who are you waiting to be? 

What if we stopped creating excuses when it comes to taking care of our health? What if we were willing to stop listening to the noise and tune into our bodies and inner wisdom? 

  • What dream would you dream?
  • What would you achieve?
  • What legacy will you leave?


  • Days of more energy & less pain


  • Finally giving yourself permission to slow down


  • Knowing your stress response and how to take steps every single day to rewrite the story of can’t to can


  • And finally reaching your goals easily.

If you are ready to take the bold step into owning your own power, let’s talk.

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