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What if you could alleviate the pain or discomfort in your body – and get your life back – by using food as your medicine?

It sounds so simple when put like that. But we both know it’s not simple at all.

What exactly is the pain you’re feeling?

More importantly, what’s actually causing it?

And even more importantly, how can you stop it?

You’ve got all the questions, but no one seems to have the answers.

Not even the doctors, who you thought were supposed to help with this kind of stuff…

Maybe you’re terrified of eating a proper meal because you always feel so bloated afterwards. Dinner invitations get turned down even though you’d love nothing more than to see your friends, restaurants get avoided, and you end up losing far too many evenings to your couch – and the occasional bottle of wine. Fact: the pain in your gut is a pain in the butt.

Or maybe you have to dash to the bathroom at regular and inconvenient moments at work because, well, it can’t wait. It’s humiliating and it completely controls your day, but you don’t have a choice. Note to whoever told you to ‘just eat more fiber:’ that didn’t help. And you can’t even remember the last time you made the road trip to see your family because long journeys are out of the question. Your body and mind can’t handle them.

Or maybe it’s one of these:

  • Your body aches all the time even though you haven’t done strenuous exercise (or any exercise at all)
  • Your skin is angry with eczema or acne and you’re so over being prescribed steroid cream after steroid cream
  • You can’t make the daily headaches go away, no matter how much water you drink or how many pills you take

The common thread through all of the above symptoms is that they’re inflammatory. If you have a digestive issue, or autoimmune disease, or no idea at all what the hell is wrong with you, the right nutrition can help. (Before you freak out over the word ‘disease,’ know that over 50 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease, so you are not alone.)

Right now, I don’t know exactly what you’re suffering from. I just know you’re suffering. You’re struggling. You’re hurting. And you wish it would stop.

Is that really too much to ask?

No, it’s not. And it’s my mission to make it stop. Because as much as I know you’re at breaking point, I also know you’re unbreakable.

You don’t have to just ‘accept’ this as your life. Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything. Doctors, diets, other diets, supplements, Google (ahem). You’ve even shelled out on expensive medications because you know that health is more important than money, but they obviously didn’t help either because you still feel like crap.

I reckon you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t willing to try one last thing. Hold on to that hope. She did.

“I was running to the bathroom up to 15 times per day, it was beyond embarrassing. My IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) was out of control. I couldn’t even make the four hour drive to see my daughter, between my IBS and fibromyalgia I had no life, I was desperate.”

I knew there was a connection between foods and my symptoms, I just didn’t know which foods, Amber used MRT to create a meal plan to identify the problem foods, no more guessing! Amber held my hand through the whole process and now I  have my life back”

What you eat doesn’t have to be a guessing game any more.

Scientific research shows that food sensitivities are real. The pain you feel in your body is highly likely to be a direct result of what you eat. You just need to discover the trigger. Once you know the foods you’re sensitive to, removing them reduces the inflammation and allows your body to start healing.

And when your body starts healing, you can start living again. Really living.

Instead of feeling useless and guilt-laden because you can’t take proper care of your own family, you’ll have the energy to get stuck right in, heart first. College trips, shopping sprees, and meals out filled with laughter – not anxiety.

Instead of focusing on food alllll day long and cursing the fact it zaps you of having the life you want, you can start focusing on your work. And your family. And your hobbies. (Remember those?) Finally, your pain won’t be the center of attention every day. Joy will be.

Instead of being controlled by the way you feel, you can be in control of the way you feel. You’ll have a healthy relationship with food, enjoyment in life, and freedom from pain.

Sounds blissful, right?

But also impossible?

With cookie-cutter advice, it might be. With a disobedient dietitian like me, it’s not.

Healing doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s how.

  1. Discover the foods and chemicals your body reacts to

You take an MRT (mediator release test), a blood test that shows me exactly how YOUR individual body reacts to 150 different foods and chemicals. After analyzing your results, I’m able to create a custom plan of foods that won’t cause inflammation. Seriously, all it takes is a blood test to know what your body is crying out for you to stop feeding it. (So, you’ll probably wonder why the doctor didn’t tell you that and prescribed expensive medications instead…)


  • Shipping of the test to your doorstep
  • Help with finding somewhere local to have your blood drawn
  • Detailed booklet with all of your results, including the foods and chemicals you have a reaction to and where these are often found

Hate needles? The test only takes a few minutes, so just think of a few minutes of yuk compared to a lifetime of freedom from your digestive or autoimmune yuk. Totally worth it!

  1. The 90-minute LEAP consultation & nutrition plan

Then comes the LEAP. This doesn’t stand for a fancy scientific term, this stands for the leap you’ll be making into a life where you’re holding the reins, not your pain. Together, we’ll have a 90-minute session to talk through your MRT results and a detailed, custom nutrition plan that frees your body from the foods and chemicals it disagrees with. With this in your back pocket / iPad, you’ll know exactly what you should be eating (and what you should banish from your shopping list) and how often you should be eating it. Finally, deciding what to cook can feel easy. Like a Sunday morning without a stomach ache. Amen.


  • A set of mmmmm-worthy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks created specifically for you based on your MRT results. These will be based on real food but won’t just consist of platefuls of lettuce.
  • A Pinterest board to store hand selected recipes with ‘safe’ ingredients and recommended products, that you can refer to whenever you’re planning, shopping, or cooking.
  1. Five follow-up consultations

Your new diet plan won’t be a total walk in Central Park, so we’ll be working closely together for the next 12 weeks, to catch up on your progress, discuss any changes or cravings you’re struggling with, talk through new recipes you can try, and keep you focused on healing your body as quickly and smoothly as possible. As your body adapts, we’ll be able to gradually add more foods into your diet and see how your body reacts to them. There’ll be no “go away and book another appointment in three months” with me. I’m right by your side, keeping you strong and keeping you accountable, through the whole transition period.


  • Email support for those questions, queries, and quiet moments when you think I just can’t do this. You can.
  1. The weekly support system

For extra support and accountability with your lifestyle change, you’ll receive weekly support texts. These little pep talks will always seem to arrive at the perfect time!

By following this system, most of my clients have a 50% reduction in symptoms in the first 10 days and up to a 75% reduction in 30 days.

“within 10 days I was calling my doctor asking if I could cut back on my medications. By day 30 I no longer needed my IBS or (very expensive) fibromyalgia medication. By six months ALL my labs are normal and I have more energy than I’ve had in years” 

MRT/LEAP would be an excellent choice if:

  • You know your health is worth investing in
  • You’re ready to take the time and do the work to make changes (possibly major ones!) in your food choices and lifestyle in order to heal your body
  • You believe that food can be used as medicine
  • You like – or are willing! – to cook and try new foods
  • You’re ready to feel better than you have in years (kind of a no-brainer)

This probably isn’t the best choice if:

  • You’re looking for that (non-existent) quick fix or would rather take medication to cover up the issue instead of heal it from the root
  • You tend to give up easily, because as much as I’m your supporter, I can’t do the work for you
  • You’re unwilling to cook or learn how to cook
  • You don’t feel you can make major changes for at least one month (this method involves removing alcohol and chocolate, amongst other things for at least that length of time)
  • You’re married to the idea of a traditional elimination diet, because while this system does involve some elimination, it will be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before

It might be hard to start with. It might be hard a month down the line. But if it means you’re healthy and pain-free next year, isn’t it worth it? Aren’t you worth it? (Hint: the answer’s yes.)

Get your energy back. Get your time back. Get your life back. In a matter of weeks.

It’s about time.

Have more questions before you commit?

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“Amber’s knowledge of the science of nutrition and food sensitivities was truly life changing, I couldn’t ask for more.”

The Fine Print:

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